Rogue Elements

The Tower of Ice, Teaser

Way in the north lies Gray Vale, an area named for the grey snow that falls half the year and the gray frost of the other half. The lonely crags nearby was the perfect place for a mad warlock to squirrel himself away and try some dark magic, but obviously, when the elves took control they put an end to such shenannigans and sealed his entire magician’s tower in an impenetrable block of ice. And with the blessings of the feywild, turned Grey Vale into a winter wonderland.

Nowadays, though the humans of Grey Vale say the snows turn colder every year. Folks and crops are dying. Flurries fall in early summer. Next year, there might not even BE a summer any more. The elves say this is human weakness, for they always complain about the beauty of the winter blanket. But Sariel’s family knows about ice and snow, and they know something is wrong in Grey Vale. Something the powers that be won’t admit because that might imply their perfect spell did not seal off all the evil in the wizard’s tower. Heck, if the wizard was messing with the Windling or the forces of Darkness, it might even imply the elven victory was not complete and forever. Better to let Grey Vale slowly freeze to death than deal with any of that.

But a small group of heroes could venture north of Grey Vale and see what secrets lie in the Tower of Ice…

(Ms H, feel free to fill in details about your noble house/background stuff!)


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