Rogue Elements

The Tower of Ice, Full Episode

On a tip off from her family, Sairel journeyed north with her companions – Lefkin the pixie and Bront the wilden. To find their way they gained the help of Shakar, the grey-skinned dragonborn raised by northern elves, and one of the few left of his kind.

After battling a blizzard, strange ice-walking frost-goblins and living statues, the four found themselves at the ice-cocooned tower. Inside they found another woodland aide: the dryad Meleii, also keen on reversing the unnatural winter, but who was frozen stiff when the elves “solved” the problem. Together, they discovered the raging spirits of ice from the Primordial Plain of Ice that had broken into the tower, thanks to the enchanted ice gem on the tower’s roof. Dispelling these and the gem’s guardian almost cost their lives, but thankfully, the ice cracked and the winter was over. Summer would come again to Grey Vale. And although they discovered the mad warlock had been researching Karsor, a god no-one had heard of, it seemed his magic was dormant – the unnatural winter had come simply from elven overkill.

Further evidence, then, that the elven solutions were not all they were advertised to be…


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