Rogue Elements

The Lost Vault: The Teaser

It’s All. Your. Fault.

You saved Kiris Dahn. You brought back old dwarven runemagic. You inspired others, said it was safe to go out and do the same. Three towns over, they went out to find an old dwarven watchtower and reclaim whatever ancient magic defences that were once said to lurk there, so the Yellowskull bandits wouldn’t keep setting them on fire all the time. A party of dwarves and men set out together.

And nobody came back….

The Tower of Ice, Full Episode

On a tip off from her family, Sairel journeyed north with her companions – Lefkin the pixie and Bront the wilden. To find their way they gained the help of Shakar, the grey-skinned dragonborn raised by northern elves, and one of the few left of his kind.

After battling a blizzard, strange ice-walking frost-goblins and living statues, the four found themselves at the ice-cocooned tower. Inside they found another woodland aide: the dryad Meleii, also keen on reversing the unnatural winter, but who was frozen stiff when the elves “solved” the problem. Together, they discovered the raging spirits of ice from the Primordial Plain of Ice that had broken into the tower, thanks to the enchanted ice gem on the tower’s roof. Dispelling these and the gem’s guardian almost cost their lives, but thankfully, the ice cracked and the winter was over. Summer would come again to Grey Vale. And although they discovered the mad warlock had been researching Karsor, a god no-one had heard of, it seemed his magic was dormant – the unnatural winter had come simply from elven overkill.

Further evidence, then, that the elven solutions were not all they were advertised to be…

The Tower of Ice, Teaser

Way in the north lies Gray Vale, an area named for the grey snow that falls half the year and the gray frost of the other half. The lonely crags nearby was the perfect place for a mad warlock to squirrel himself away and try some dark magic, but obviously, when the elves took control they put an end to such shenannigans and sealed his entire magician’s tower in an impenetrable block of ice. And with the blessings of the feywild, turned Grey Vale into a winter wonderland.

Nowadays, though the humans of Grey Vale say the snows turn colder every year. Folks and crops are dying. Flurries fall in early summer. Next year, there might not even BE a summer any more. The elves say this is human weakness, for they always complain about the beauty of the winter blanket. But Sariel’s family knows about ice and snow, and they know something is wrong in Grey Vale. Something the powers that be won’t admit because that might imply their perfect spell did not seal off all the evil in the wizard’s tower. Heck, if the wizard was messing with the Windling or the forces of Darkness, it might even imply the elven victory was not complete and forever. Better to let Grey Vale slowly freeze to death than deal with any of that.

But a small group of heroes could venture north of Grey Vale and see what secrets lie in the Tower of Ice…

(Ms H, feel free to fill in details about your noble house/background stuff!)

The Standing Stone, Conclusion

With the help of a newly-met pixie assassin, the regrouped and rested heroes snuck back into town, determined perhaps to not just find the stone but cleanse the town of the filthy gobbo menace. In a furious battle against their mad hobgoblin khan they broke the power base and did just that, sending the gobbos screaming. Which was the cue for the Severed Eye orcs to drop from the roof of the manor house, thank the heroes for doing the hard work and demand the stone be brought to them – in exchange for letting the heroes live.

Finding the stone in the keeping of a vain and silly young brass dragon, practical Sariel quickly made a deal to swap it for more shiny things, and an illusory copy of the stone was made to fool the orks. That and demanding the exchange happen on a narrow bridge helped the heroes dispatch the ork chieftan and his two big bruiser females, but the wily shaman escaped – and the carnage left poor old Thordrik dead.

They returned the stone to the people of Kiris Dahn but swore to pay the Severed Eye tribe a final and bloody visit soon enough…

The Standing Stone, Interlude

The orc’s red tongue slithered along the axe blade. “Tastes like dwarf” he hissed. Looking around and pulling air into his wide nostrils, he added “Smells like elf, too. Not gone long. Maybe can catch.”

It was half of a question, directed at the tall chieftain who was still examining the gutted corpse of his best warrior. Like the first speaker, he bore the same brand in his flesh – a circle with a lightning bolt through it – but his supremacy over the others was proved by the scarification running across, and destroying, his left eye. Standing, he tossed away the broken vines and roots he had scooped up. “Druid, too” he spat. “Elf cowards.”

Another orc ran into the room, bearing the same circle and line scars to mark its loyalty, but bedecked in wolf skulls and bones and daubs of ochre to set it apart as a shaman. “Stone not here, Vozh” he said, returning a shard of glowing rock to a pouch on his belt. Now the priest and the taster looked expectant. “Maybe they take,” said the taster, his hands tightening around the hilt of his scimitar, his red tongue flicking over his lips. Behind him, the chieftan could sense his two other two soldiers – the enormous, brutish females who formed, with the dead axewoman, his front-line force of bezerker warriors – growing equally tense with bloodlust.

“We follow” growled Vozh, with all the menace needed to remind his underlings he was boss. “We watch. We do not kill.”

Wiping his hands clean of the blood of his fallen comrade, the chieftain pulled the growl into a sneer, and added: “Not yet.”

The Standing Stone, Part One

After saving some desperate humans from wolves, the Rogues hear a tale of a city that wants to rebuild, if only they could retrieve the magical artifacts that kept their town safe for so long. Our heroes try to sneak in the next morning but apparently Bront isn’t used to working in human-ish terrain and they run into trouble almost constantly. An encounter with a hungry ankheg almost ends badly for Sergeant Bruticus but he rallies, and with the help of the strange alchemical dogs they find, they clean out the library of goblin hordes. No sign of the Standing Stone there, so they move to the temple, only to find a mad wererat, last heir to Kiris Dahn’s noble family, and while dealing with him are beset by more goblins and an orc who seems to be on nobody’s side but her own. The enormous powerhouse tries to leave when the odds turn against her, but is pinned down by Bront and Sariel’s magic. Swinging out in raging frenzy with her great axe, she decapitates Sgt Bruticus before she dies. Grabbing the remains of their friend, the three surviving Rogues flee Kiris Dahn to find cover and lick their wounds, and wonder why the orcs with the strange tattoos are hunting goblins and elves at once.

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