Once upon a time, there were humans and there were gods, and there was Good and Evil, with capital letters, and the two sides fought so hard they almost tore the world to pieces. So the elves put an end to it – to all of it -and turned everything into the Feywild. The silken eladrin towers extend up to greet the life-giving sun, and all the world below is alive and abundant with the power of magic and the wonder of nature. And although nature is cruel, she is ordered. There is a law. And if you follow the law, you live a life of simple luxury. Your needs are catered for, your safety assured.

But if you don’t fit into this perfect elven paradise, you get nothing. Without fields, the humans starved almost to extinction. Without mines, the dwarves lost their culture. Without religion, the paladins all went mad. And without lawyers, all the thieves were exterminated.

There has to be somebody to speak up for the little guy, for the outsiders and the oppressed, when the law falls short. People with a certain kind of skill and a long-lost kind of mindset. People like you.

ROGUE ELEMENTS is a 4E D&D campaign on the Heroic Tier and modelling Leverage as much as is humanly possible. Low talk, big action, fast cuts, no drama. Just kicking ass and living dangerously. Only chaotic good alignments with a sense of grandeur need apply.

Rogue Elements

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