The Game Contract

The Campaign will run from level 1 to probably around 12 or so (because Paragon Paths are fun) or until we get bored. We’ll be using the world for framing purposes, and hey, to explore and develop because that’s lots of fun. But mostly it exists to provide a reason why the authorities won’t or can’t help with situations – and you need to step in. Don’t expect to be bringing down the evil elven empire any time.

For the actual adventures I’ll be using mostly pre-written stuff so let me know if you’ve done some of those recently (we’ll be starting with a hacked version of HS1: The Slaying Stone). The game will be run from 11 to 5 or so on alternate Sundays. We’ll probably have to use minis because 4E pretty much demands it. Likewise, because 4E puts all the awesome on combat and combat-esque scenarios, that’s going to be the focus of the game. Smashing heads, taking names, being awesome – and fighting the good fight.

Characters need two important things in their conception, besides stats: they need a reason they are a Rogue Element, ie don’t fit into society and want to buck then system. Some of these will happen naturally – certain races and classes almost have no choice. But you also need a reason – a big one – to care about the little people. The regular folk. I’m not going to give you a choice about going into the dungeons, so you need to come up with a reason why that’s always the right choice for you.

We’re also going to do some team-building chargen before we kick off. Nothing freaky, just a heads up. Regarding the roster, so far we’ve had suggestions of a barbarian warforged, an eladrin wizard and a dwarven cleric. Our players look like being Brad, Brendan, Gareth, Helga and Marselan. Not sure where we’ll play, somebody’s house. Also worth noting the last few games I’ve run have blown up in my face early on because my mental health hasn’t been smooth sailing over the last few years. That could totally happen again.

House Rules
• No half-orcs, no half-elves. Shifters are a maybe. Ask me first.
• Classes from PHB 1, 2 and 3, but no psychic classes.
• Keep your builds to the core books too. Simpler and neater.
• No action points, they annoy me. Deal with it.
• One base on an overthrow.

The Game Contract

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