Rogue Elements

The Standing Stone, Part One

After saving some desperate humans from wolves, the Rogues hear a tale of a city that wants to rebuild, if only they could retrieve the magical artifacts that kept their town safe for so long. Our heroes try to sneak in the next morning but apparently Bront isn’t used to working in human-ish terrain and they run into trouble almost constantly. An encounter with a hungry ankheg almost ends badly for Sergeant Bruticus but he rallies, and with the help of the strange alchemical dogs they find, they clean out the library of goblin hordes. No sign of the Standing Stone there, so they move to the temple, only to find a mad wererat, last heir to Kiris Dahn’s noble family, and while dealing with him are beset by more goblins and an orc who seems to be on nobody’s side but her own. The enormous powerhouse tries to leave when the odds turn against her, but is pinned down by Bront and Sariel’s magic. Swinging out in raging frenzy with her great axe, she decapitates Sgt Bruticus before she dies. Grabbing the remains of their friend, the three surviving Rogues flee Kiris Dahn to find cover and lick their wounds, and wonder why the orcs with the strange tattoos are hunting goblins and elves at once.


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