Rogue Elements

The Standing Stone, Conclusion

With the help of a newly-met pixie assassin, the regrouped and rested heroes snuck back into town, determined perhaps to not just find the stone but cleanse the town of the filthy gobbo menace. In a furious battle against their mad hobgoblin khan they broke the power base and did just that, sending the gobbos screaming. Which was the cue for the Severed Eye orcs to drop from the roof of the manor house, thank the heroes for doing the hard work and demand the stone be brought to them – in exchange for letting the heroes live.

Finding the stone in the keeping of a vain and silly young brass dragon, practical Sariel quickly made a deal to swap it for more shiny things, and an illusory copy of the stone was made to fool the orks. That and demanding the exchange happen on a narrow bridge helped the heroes dispatch the ork chieftan and his two big bruiser females, but the wily shaman escaped – and the carnage left poor old Thordrik dead.

They returned the stone to the people of Kiris Dahn but swore to pay the Severed Eye tribe a final and bloody visit soon enough…


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